Effect of Blanching and Edible Hydrocolloids on Reduction of Oil Uptake During Frying of Potato sticks

Document Type : Research Article


1 MSc student, Faculty of Agriculture, Tabriz University

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Tabriz University


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of blanching and edible hydrocolloids pretreatments on oil uptake magnitude as well as oil uptake modeling during deep-fat frying process of potato sticks. In this study, for blanching pretreatment, temperature of 80°C for 1 and 3 minutes and for edible hydrocolloids pretreatment, carboxymethyl cellulose concentration of 0.3% and pectin concentrations of 1 and 3% were used. Then, the potato pieces were fried at various temperatures and times. Carboxymethyl cellulose and pectin hydrocolloids at both concentrations reduced oil uptake. However, blanching pretreatment for 1 and 3 min increased oil uptake. Also, the combined pretreatments reduced oil uptake. In this study, two models from previous research works and four proposed models were used to fit the data. The obtained models had the highest R2 and the lowest RMSE. In addition, using multiple regression analysis, the constants of oil uptake models dependent on various process conditions obtained with appropriate statistical parameters.


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